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    AIMC sponsors or supports several types of mosaic exhibitions, including the members’ exhibition taking place during the International Congress every two years; the exhibitions/competions Opere dal Mondo (Works from the World) and PAS , taking place every two years during RavennaMosaico; and AIMC members’ personal exhibitions.

    International Congresses Exhibitions
    • 2016 Spilimbergo, Italy
    • 2014 Vienna, Austria
    • 2012 Athienou, Cyprus
    • 2010 Athens, Greece
    • Opere dal Mondo open
       RavennaMosaico Festival –OPERE DAL MONDO
      After the success of the first edition, in 2009, of the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic, the Ravenna Municipality in collaboration with the AIMC, organizes every two years the RavennaMosaico Festival.Ravenna, whose excellence is tied to the early Christian and Byzantine mosaics, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage, promotes in this way the contemporeanity, presenting its artists in comparison with artists from other countries.The collaboration of the Ravenna Municipality with the AIMC - International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists - has made a fact that in Ravenna arrive artists from around the world. And it is from this collaboration that takes place within the rich program of the RavennaMosaico Festival, the exhibition / competition OPERE DAL MONDO – Works from the World-, reserved for the AIMC members . A nice opportunity to openness and reflection on what is the mosaic technique today.For the call for the exhibition / competition OPERE DAL MONDO, RavennaMosaico 2017 click hereThe application period for the OPERE DAL MONDO contest has concluded. 135 applications were submitted and 42 works were chosen. The participants come from more than 30 different countries.
      The exhibition, which will take place in the distinguished atmosphere of the Chiostri Francescani, will be shown from October 7 - November 26, 2017. The opening of the exhibition will take place during the Notte d’Oro. We express our thanks to all those who participated to the contest.
      For the list of the selected artists click here.

    Edition 2017
    Edition 2015
    Edition 2013
    Edition 2011
    Edition 2009

    • Musive installations

    Edition 2013
    Edition 2011
    Edition 2009

    • Architecture and Mosaic

    Edition 2011
    Edition 2009

    • Solo Exhibitions of AIMC members

    Orodè Deoro 2017
    Ines Morigi Berti 2015
    Contemporary vision of Alexandrian Mosaic 2013
    Ilyia Iliev 2013
    Koko Mosaico 2013
    Marco de Luca 2013
    Verdiano Marzi 2013
    Almuth Schops 2013
    Ilana Shafir 2011

    • BiblioMosaico

    Edition 2017
    Edition 2015
    Edition 2013
    Edition 2011
    Edition 2009

    • (PAS) open
       AIMC PRIZE for STUDENTS (PAS) PREMIO AIMC STUDENTI  -2nd edition/November 2017
    Call for the 1st International Student Competition for Contemporary Mosaic

    AIMC announces the online publication of the competition addressed to the young students of the art schools: AIMC PREMIO STUDENTI (PAS) AIMC PRIZE FOR STUDENTS, 2nd edition, conducted in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna, for students not older than 30 years of age, who express themselves through mosaic.

    All participating works will be exhibited from 3 to 26 November,  2017, in Ravenna (Academy of fine arts of Ravenna).There will be 3 winning works with corresponding monetary awards.

    Deadline for applications : July 30, 2017. Participation is free of any fees.
    Please click here for details concerning this contest.

    The application period for the second Edition of the PAS contest has concluded. Twenty-six applications were submitted. The participants come from 5 different countries. We congratulate them all!
    Please click here for the list of the participants.

    Interpretazione libera by Debora Franco: First Prize PAS
    Home by Dalia ElRashidi: Second Prize PAS
    Anemosa by Sara Bombonati: Third Prize FIDAPA RAVENNA
    Please click here for the PAS press release

    Edizione 2017

    Edizione 2015