14th Congress – 2014 Vienna, Austria

XIV AIMC Internazionale Congress
Vienna – Austria
21 – 24 May 2014

Program of the Congress open

A. Gallo and L. Ciambelli presented in the place of M. Marini. A. Appert presented in the place of R. Malaval. (D. Wood and S. Rudolf did not attend.)

Information about the Congress open

Introductory Remarks from AIMC President, Nikos Tolis, May 21, 2014
Looking for the Hidden Charm

The history of mosaic is measured/characterized today by eras, places, monuments, important centuries. Back then it was applied and accepted because of what it was, its presence was significant and extensive, its’ use under various forms assured. Nowadays, the results of these works are considered superb, unmatched.

For a considerable period of time the reverberation of the historical applications of mosaic succeeded to keep it “on stage”. With the same or almost the same use, the same materials, the same concept. But, it is evident that these works, although impressive, they lack the shine of their ancestors.   (more)

Congress Discussion Topic: On May 23, a discussion among members relating to the topic,  “AIMC and Mosaic Today” took place at the conference exhibition venue. Surrounded by colorful mosaic work,  the following artists stated their opinions  and exchanged views on this subject:  Nikos Tolis, Manfred Hoehn, Giovanni Travisanutto,Bruno Zenobio, Elaine M. Goodwin, Thomas Denker, Arianna Gallo, Helle Scharling-Todd, Rosanna Fattorini, Safaa Abd El Salam, Milun Garcevic, Olivera Gavric-Pavic, Fernanda Tollemeto, Christina Nakou, Stefan Wolters, Magdalena Kracik, Edda Mally, Silvia Colizzi, and Lissi Maier-Rapaport. This discussion was intended to be the first of others to follow.

Letter from President of the Congress, Edda Mally:

XIV th International AIMC of Contemporary Mosaic, May 21 - 24, 2014 and the Conference accompanying exhibition May 21- 25 2014

                                                                                                                                                  Vienna, June 4, 2014   Dear Mosaicfriends,   It was great pleasure for me to welcome you all in Vienna in occasion of the XIVth International Conference of Contemporary Mosaic and the accompanying exhibition.  There were over hundred inquiries of participation at the conference, and 37 lecturers nominated. Nearly all of them could be presented personally and can be looked up in the catalogue. A wide arch of themes were chosen as overviews of the development of mosaic in various countries, presentations of the artist´s own work as well as personal viewpoints regarding contemporary mosaic.   On Friday, May 23 rd 2014 a discussion with the theme: “Mosaic today” took place in the Hall “Podium” of the Architectural Centre, Vienna, where also the exhibition of “Contemporary Mosaic” could be seen . . . (more)

  • Photo Album of the Congress


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