AIMC Portraits

The book / catalog AIMC PORTRAITS 2018, in English language, is the first in the AIMC history containing news and works of its members, founders and honorary members. In the book appear, together with many mosaicists from Ravenna, mosaic artists from all over the world and enthusiasts of the mosaic art. For each one of the above mentioned the book offers essential information and reproduces one or more works (480 pages and 475 illustrations).
The volume, published by the Edizioni del Girasole of Ravenna, was edited by Rosetta Berardi and Artemis Klitsi.

The book AIMC PORTRAITS 2018 can be acquired in the following ways:

  • In person, at the Publisher, EDIZIONI DEL GIRASOLE Ravenna, at the price of € 15.00 for the AIMC members.
  • By bank transfer to the Publisher after having contacted them at the following address: .img@.img. The price depends on the shipping costs to the country of destination.
  • On line at the following websites:

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